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According to a Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve (1931), the Mahometans, especially those in Egypt, regard the Aloe as a religious symbol, and the Mussulman who has made a pilgrimage to the shrine of the Prophet is entitled to hang the Aloe over his doorway. The Mahometans also believe that this holy symbol protects a householder from any malign influence.</p><p>

<br>In Cairo, the Jews also adopt the practice of hanging up the Aloe.</p><p>

<br>In the neighbourhood of Mecca, at the extremity of every grave, on a spot facing the epitaph, Burckhardt found planted a low shrubby species of Aloe whose Arabic name, saber, signifies patience. This plant is evergreen and requires very little water. Its name refers to the waiting-time between the burial and the resurrection morning.</p><p>

<br>All kinds of Aloes are admirably provided by their succulent leaves and stems against the drought of the countries where they flourish. The cuticle which covers every part of the plant is, in those which contain a great quantity of pulpy material, formed so as to imbibe moisture very easily and to evaporate it very slowly. If the leaf of an Aloe be separated from the parent plant, it may be laid in the sun for several weeks without becoming entirely shrivelled; and even when considerably dried by long exposure to heat, it will, if plunged into water, become in a few hours plump and fresh. </p><p>

<br>In folk magic, aloes has many different uses. It is used for protection and luck. It can be sprinkled around the home to attract love and luck and to provide protection. It can also be used in bottle spells with graveyard dirt to silence a gossiper. To break up a couple, take a bottle and add <a href=""> graveyard dirt</a><font color="#0000FF"></font> and aloes powder, salt, pepper and nine needles. Then take a lemon and write the couple's names on the lemon nine times and stick it into the bottle. Shake it up real good and bury it in a graveyard and it is said the couple will break up.

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