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To be rubbed or sprinkled close to the person you want to attract.       ALUM is a mineral used medically as an emetic, and has an equally long history of use in pickling. It is often mixed with two other minerals to make a "Three-Ingredient” Bath or Sprinkle. To Stop Gossip: If someone is interfering in your life by talking about you, take an amount of ALUM POWDER that will cover a Dime and put it into a muslin Tobacco-sack. Write the interfering person’s full Name on a Piece of Paper, and place the Name-Paper in the sack with the ALUM. Just as ALUM puckers up the mouth, so will this charm bag keep the person you have named from gossiping about you or messing in your personal business. We make no claims for this ALUM POWDER, and sell it as a Curio only. 

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